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Types of Problems We Treat:

First of all, you don't have to have a "problem" to come for a session.  I take people who are pretty happy with their lives, and teach them how to enjoy life more thoroughly, more often and more intensely! In fact, this is one of my favorite sessions to do! You will be amazed how much change can happen in a session. And, you are quite likely to ENJOY yourself, rather than feel like you are dredging through horrible past events in search of nuggets to "figure out" a problem. How about we just help you make changes instead!

If this sounds anywhere NEAR interesting to you, sign up for a session!

Good quality counseling and coaching can literally help you change problems forever, and help you to attain goals you had thought were only dreams! As a tool in therapy, NLP can be applied to help alleviate a number of problems, and facilitate personal and professional growth. This list is only an indicator of some of the types of issues worked with via NLP:

Problems Treated Include: Goals We Support Accomplishing Include:

 Abuse, trauma and repressed memories
 Phobias, including social phobias
 Allergic reactions (often eliminated completely!)
 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
 Anxiety disorders
 Impulse control problems
 Apathy and lack of motivation
 Communication blocks and difficulties
 Anger management
 Internal conflicts and ambivalence
 Low self-esteem
 Stress reactions
 Substance and alcohol abuse

Obtaining peak performance
 Increasing your satisfaction with life
 Developing your career 
 Enhancing relationships
 Navigating major life changes
 Goal specification and implementation
 Controlling urges and impulses
 Negotiating internal conflicts
 Conflict resolution skills (external)
 Developing confidence and competence
 Weight control and change
 Relaxation and Wellness
 Becoming more focused/productive
 Improving communication skills


Come and enjoy making dreams and goals realities, and making your life more enjoyable.

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